Ian Sharland Ltd has over 20 year’s experience investigating the causes of poor sound insulation performance of the walls and floors between House’s & Flat’s. The project may be an existing dwelling with nuisance noise from neighbours or a new build site that has failed to meet the minimum requirements for Approved Document E or Code for Sustainable Homes, Ian Sharland Ltd can provide practical advice and design cost efficient remedial actions where necessary.

Where the cause of the problem is not so obvious a more invasive investigation will normaly be required; Ian Sharland Ltd has the use of Endoscope cameras that can fit through small holes made in the suspect partition, giving us the ability to take Photo’s & Video’s of the construction from the inside out, In most cases this will negate the need to lift floors, expose block-work and remove ceiling’s to understand the reason for the noise issue.

Using the camera technology in conjunction with specialized predictive sound insulation software; the cause’s for most sound insulation problems can quickly and easily be found.